What the hell is going on? – The shock of Perimenopause

It was a Friday evening late September 2019, I’d been out to a barre class and was going out to a choir karaoke night. I had to go home, shower, grab a quick bite to eat and then go. I’d told my husband this that morning. I got home to find he had decided to… Continue reading What the hell is going on? – The shock of Perimenopause

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Put your back into it (me and my herniated disc)

It was all going so well. In 2019 I lost about 3 stones, managed to become IBS symptom free and was probably the fittest I’d ever been, doing a variety of exercise and loving it. 2020 started well and I was starting to consider seeing a personal trainer as I wanted to push myself further,… Continue reading Put your back into it (me and my herniated disc)

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Lockdown life – what has been keeping us reasonably sane(ish)

Blimey it’s been tough this time round hasn’t it? Lockdown 3 in the UK has coincided with the shittiest month, bloody awful weather and short days, dark nights. I think we’ve all struggled a bit more this time round and the novelty of being at home and the enthusiasm we perhaps had first time round… Continue reading Lockdown life – what has been keeping us reasonably sane(ish)

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Coming out of the storm

Bracing myself against Storm Dennis earlier in the year, before all the Covid madness. I saw a meme on Instagram near the start of lockdown that said we’re not all in the same boat but we are all in the same storm. This really resonated with me and I think one of the positive things… Continue reading Coming out of the storm

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Getting started with weights

Now if you’d told me 2 years ago I’d be writing a post about weights I would have laughed my head off, but now I do one or two free weights or kettlebell sessions a week. But I know the thought of getting into using weights can be a bit scary so here are some… Continue reading Getting started with weights

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Why smoothie bowls?

One of my favourite breakfasts is a smoothie bowl, but why a smoothie bowl and not just a smoothie? I think it is a bit of a psychological thing. With a smoothie it feels like a “drink“, I don’t really feel like I’ve eaten, but just the action of putting spoon into bowl makes it… Continue reading Why smoothie bowls?

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Style is a state of mind

I love clothes. I know it sounds frivolous but I enjoy looking at clothes, choosing outfits, shopping for clothes, talking about clothes, helping friends find clothes. I feel it is a bit of a creative outlet for me. I've always loved wearing colour and putting things together. When I started to adapt my lifestyle I… Continue reading Style is a state of mind