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Getting started with weights

Now if you’d told me 2 years ago I’d be writing a post about weights I would have laughed my head off, but now I do one or two free weights or kettlebell sessions a week. But I know the thought of getting into using weights can be a bit scary so here are some of the ways I introduced weights into my fitness routine and why I love it!

So I’m a women of a certain age and I had read that resistance and strength training are really important for bone health as you get to those peri-menopausal years, but I was scared to begin with. In the past I have back, neck and shoulder issues – what if it made them worse?

The key for me was to start with light weights and get your technique spot on before increasing weights. I did this through a one to one session at the gym and following a number of online tutorials – Bodyfit by Amy is fab. Soon those problem areas felt stronger, it helped with posture and basically seemed to almost iron out the kinks and niggles I had.

Quickly the 1kg weights I had were too light so I moved up a kilo at a time and now I use 4kg hand weights and a 6kg kettlebell. Every time I moved up a weight I would start slowly, maybe with just a 5 minute routine to see how they felt, or I would mix and match different size weights through a longer workout, using the heavier ones on exercises where I knew my technique was the strongest. Soon I would be using the heavier weights for the whole workout.

I also bought some wrist weights to use with combat workouts. These are just 0.5kg wraparound gloves but they offer great resistance on jabs etc and are also easily transportable if you are away and want to workout.

What I quickly found is that weights don’t just build strength they tone really well too. And not just arms and legs, they have helped tone and strengthen my core and waist too.

Weights have been a great addition to my fitness routine and I enjoy these workouts as much as dance based ones now which I never thought I’d say. The key to sticking to exercise is finding stuff you enjoy and can stick at easily and that you can easily fit into your life. Free weights, kettlebells and wrist weights are all pretty portable, easy to obtain (mine have come from Decathlon, Argos and Amazon) so I can pretty much exercise anywhere with them.

Do you use weights in your fitness routine?

N.B I am not a fitness professional. Please seek advice before starting any new fitness.

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