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Home exercise ideas – Coronavirus and beyond!

The news is constantly changing at the moment and currently in the UK we have no idea whether at some point we’ll all be told to stay home. It is looking likely that some of the regular exercise classes that I attend may stop for a time (or hopefully go online) as their class numbers have dropped already. But that doesn’t mean any of us need to miss out on the benefit of exercise and I would think for general wellbeing, both physically and mentally, it will be essential to keep exercising.

I do quite a bit of exercise at home already. There’s only so many classes I can fit in a week and sometimes the times I have free to exercise don’t fit into a class schedule.

Some of the myths around home exercise …

You’ll need to invest in equipment – not at all. The only money I have spent is on some free weights (but you could improvise with household objects) and a foam roller and pilates ball. To be honest though you don’t need any of those. I only bought these things once I had been exercising for a while at home and knew I’d use them. They were cheap and readily available too from shops like Decathlon and online at Amazon.

You need lots of space – we have a tiny living room and I’ve managed to do all of the workouts listed below. Sometimes I’ve done them in the dining room and bedroom, where there is even less space, you just need to be a bit creative about your positioning sometimes.

Some of my favourite home workouts …

Before working out at home you should:-

  • Ensure that you are clear to exercise and that you have good awareness of good posture and positioning for exercise, as obviously there will be no instructor physically there to guide you.
  • Ensure you have enough space around you and obstacles are moved away.
  • Dress comfortably and wear appropriate footwear for the exercise you will undertake.
  • Listen to your body and if anything doesn’t feel right – stop.

All of the following workouts are readily available on YouTube for free!

Bodyfit by Amy – I love Amy’s free weight workouts and she has loads of them at varying lengths. She also has a good range of workouts suitable for pregnant and post natal women..

Bowflex – I particularly love their standing abs workout and their stretching sequences.

Yeray Martel Zumba – This channel has some great Zumba and Zumba toning routines to follow.

Claudiu Gutu Zumba – I particularly love how some of these workouts are on the beach or a lovely resort so I can pretend I am on holiday.

Popsugar fitness – these workouts are quite fast paced and I would say advanced. You need to be experienced but there is lots of variety and they are very upbeat.

Valeoclub – A great resource of dance fitness workouts some involving props.

The Body Coach – I couldn’t leave out our very own Joe Wicks. Lots of short workouts and he has done a lot of videos to encourage families to workout together.

Yoga with Adrienne – I have recently found this channel and like that Adrienne is perhaps not your typical yogi, her approach seems very down to earth.

Lazy Dancer – Another recent find. This is a ballet channel, so you might benefit more from this if you have some ballet experience. I love that it tones and stretches you.

A few other free workouts have become available since originally posting. Davina McCall has made her Own Your Goals programme free for a month and Strictly Dancers Karen Hauer and Oti Mabuse are doing Instagram live classes throughout the day.

My lovely Zumba teacher Gemma Pearson is also starting online classes. Search for the group Gems live Zumba on Facebook. Gemma is just asking for pay what you can.

Paid for workouts

I have recently signed up to FCMFIT, a programmes developed by ex Strictly dancer, Flavia Cacace Mistry. The programme includes lots of dance based and HIIT based workouts as well as stretching, wellbeing and nutrition advice. The workouts look great and Flavia runs a weekly live online class.

So those are some of my favourites, I’d love to hear of any you love.

Top tip

Don’t get overwhelmed- pick one workout you like the look of and just do it! Then you can start to look at more from there, but the main thing is to get started and keep moving.

Keep well, keep sane and keep fit!

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