How did I get here?

All my adult life I have considered myself reasonably healthy, eaten my 5 a day, exercised (I was a dance teacher for some time), but also enjoyed life. Somewhere along the line that all went awry. Chronic IBS symptoms took a hold, my mental health spiralled downwards and then a number of minor accidents led to back, neck and shoulder problems and then a broken ankle. By Autumn 2018 I felt awful, I was suffering from anxiety attacks out of the blue, my IBS was the worst it have ever been, I was overweight and everything was getting on top of me. In fact I came close to a complete nervous breakdown.

But out of the flames rose a phoenix as they say. I had to hit rock bottom I think to see how far I needed to climb to feel well again. It gave me a focus, a clarity, that this was not how I wanted life to be. So December 2018 I decided to take control and sort myself out and this blog will share what I have done, how this has made me feel and the ongoing journey being healthy is for me. I hope you find it useful and if it helps in any way I’m glad,

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